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Our story starting from 2015

Our white paper is the same as Bitcoin .
- Since there are so many projects with their awsome white papers.
-We learn from them and support them by our community high value-able token


All resources help AIB to build a strong , secure, low cost, blockchain base ECO System to build other vauleable blockchain projects

You could build your AIB full node Electrum server for your mobile wallet by one-step command line under Ubuntu 1617 system


More detail Click here FullNode + Electrum Server

You could build your AIB full node with an Block Explorer


More detail Click here FullNode + Explorer

AIB Core QT Wallet with Fast syncing as optional pack-in


More detail Click here Windows 7/8/10 AIB Core Wallet

AIB Source code


More detail Click here Source code for AIB


Tech Specification


Total: 31,415,926,535.89793238 AIB

Premined: 31,410,926,535.89793238 AIB

Mineable: 5,000,000 AIB

Circulation :

Blockchain Applications Fund: 29,400,000,000 AIB

Development Foundation: 2,010,926,535.89793238 AIB

Current left: 1,988,262,988.96000004 AIB

Total used: 22,663,547 AIB

Algo / Technology

Algo: sCrypt + AuxPow Merge mining ,Strong network protection with lower engergy cost

KGW + AGW Hashpower Adjustment

Extended OP_RETURN 120 byte support

Off-chain layer 2 network. Instant transactions with payment channels.

SegWit Ready


The main motivation behind this work comes from the potential challenge to develop blockchain projects, we want to spend more time and focus to develop the technology and apply the true meaning of decentralized to the world. AIB spend most of the resource in the technology sector and invest the blockchain projects that we understand by the point of view through the source code and their team, and community activity


5 Finished projects
1343409 Lines of code
1302 Cups of coffee
52 Happy clients

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